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Dr. Arthur Thurm has treated the special needs community for over thirty years. Individuals with disabilities usually require care above and beyond offered in a standard dental office setting, which is the reason many dentists refer patients to us. In reality, 60 % of our disabled individuals are actually referred to us by some other dentists.

We treat individuals with Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and other physical as well as developmental disabilities. Treating the specific needs population calls for an incredibly high amount of expertise and skill. A dentist for disabled patients understands the numerous risk elements associated with administering anesthesia to this patient population and takes all safety precautions. Instead, care is presented while the individual is comfortably asleep. After therapy, we partner with your local dentist who could continue delivering routine maintenance care.

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How Can a Dentist Anesthesiologist Help You and Your Loved Ones Receive Safe, Painless Dental Care?

  • We have the ability to accommodate every one and are able to meet their needs
  • They discover our sleep sedation dentistry secure and relaxing
  • We know the patient’s complete medical history
  • We focus on prevention and long term health
  • People are family to us!

Oftentimes patients come to us since they or their family members have not gotten proper dental care. Lots of dental professionals weren’t equipped or perhaps competent to deal with specific needs. Special needs individuals are at a much greater risk for dental disease. Proper and thorough care isn’t only important but also involves skilled interest with an eye toward avoidance. Special needs individuals with a regular dental regime are a lot more apt to get proper preventive care.

Prevention can make an enormous difference in the quality of living. Whether the individual has a psychological, physical or emotional disability, we have more than thirty years of experience to ensure he or she gets the best care each time for vital, prolonged health.

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